When you grow up in a village of barely a dozen of inhabitants between the mountains of Aragon’s prePyrenee and dedicate all the free afternoons of your adolescence to listen and discover music, this ends to hang on as your maximum passion. Daniel Rifaterra was born on 1995 to be grown on a very reflexive and natural environment, which will determinate his personality at all levels, but that absolutely didn’t isolate him from the contact with all the stimulus that woke his interests.

Barely being a preadolescent, his mp3 player was far from the rest of the kids, containing from the  most alternative music to the 90’s best American hip-hop. However it was when he turned a teenager when the electronic music came to his life in shape of Drum & Bass. Although this first love stands still nowadays under his alias MMX, his electronic appetite has gone through styles such as House or Trance, enriching the culture and referents of his wide musical library.

With 17 years old, the change on his life that would determine his trajectory arrived, moving to Barcelona in order to start his college studies as product engineer and designer. His way of being, seeing and reading his environment merged with the exuberant electronic life of the city to find on Techno his purest identity.  

One of the principal personal characteristics that would most influence on his development is his Straight Edge lifestyle, in which the alcohol, tobacco or drugs consumption is absolutely null. The raw connection with music will grant him a thorough, attentive and critical hearing both as an artist and clubber, which led him for some years to a highlighted job as a redactor on Vicious Magazine from where he could enrich his culture over the dance-floor.

<<Sober Techno>>. This is how Rifaterra defines his style as a DJ, based on nuances that go from the forcefulness, dark and smart, to more melodic and ‘groovy’ textures, so his philosophy is based on the principle that all music has his own moment, space and mood. Clubs such as Florida 135, Insert, City Hall or Razzmatazz’s ‘La Lolita’, or festivals such as SouthWest, have already been witnesses of his overwhelming sets.

His main musical activity, as a producer, starts in 2018 releasing multiple EPs in labels such as Sintetics or Underdub. But it is in 2020, moving back to his village, when his productions get the attention of artists such as Truncate, selecting his ‘Missing’ remix for a compilation of this track’s different versions, or labels such as [R]3volution where his ‘Amiens’ EP is released. 2021 starts big with his debut on Alan Fitzpatrick’s imprint ‘We Are The Brave’ with his track ‘Narni’ and the full 4-track EP ‘Beinwill’ later that year, featured on BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix. ‘Amanni’, a 5-track EP on WATB, is its 2022’s most highlighted release obtaining his best selling numbers until date and being played on legendary venues such as Awakenings. His music has been supported by names such as Joseph Capriati, Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Marco Bailey, Charlotte de Witte, Maceo Plex, Ilario Alicante, Pan-Pot, Cristian Varela, Slam, Takaaki Itoh, Yotam Avni, Gregor Tresher, John Digweed, Vinicius Honorio, Uto Karem, 2000 And One, Sama, Ramon Tapia, Alderaan, KMYLE, or Abstract Division… A convinced respect for silence as basis of his sound boosts his eclectic production trunk, where lugubrious reverberations and a risky creativity look for our complete synesthesia with the serenity of the most important temples and cathedrals.