Although being a very contemporary person, Daniel was born and raised surrounded by nature in a village of 10 inhabitants. Thanks to his personality and interests, when he moved to Barcelona to undertake his college studies, people got surprised about his origins.

This mixed backgrounds allowed him to develop a divergent vision, reflected on his creative and reflexive approach over things. Also, his working ethics have been strongly influenced by working with his parents on agriculture and hostelry since a very young age. He’s Straight Edge (no alcohol, drugs or smoking) and follows a lifestyle based on sport and creativity. People often say that all this things that mold his personality are reflected on his work both on design and music. Different and thoughtful concepts, sober and effective results.

Being both a designer and engineer (ELISAVA, 2013-2019) is one of his major strengths, because the powerful creativity is never in danger of being unproductive or unrealizable because of his technical subconscious. The engineering abilities aren’t focused on any particular discipline but almost all of them. Obviously this means not being a deep expert in hardly any technical/marketing/business field, but having a strong knowledge of all of this ingredients necessary for a successful project make him the perfect professional to be in the centre of it, coordinating, directing, and being responsible of the concept, speech, beauty and performance of the outcome.

Daniel currently holds the position of Creative and Design Director at Newnorm, the ethical and sustainable hardware tech startup that he co-founded.