Being both a designer and engineer is one of my major strengths because my powerful creativity is never hindered by technical limitations, thanks to my engineering subconscious. Having a strong knowledge of various technical, visual, user-centered, cultural, and communicative elements necessary for a successful project makes me the perfect professional to be at the center of it all. I coordinate, direct, and take responsibility for the concept, messaging, aesthetics, and performance of the outcome.

While people percieve me as thoroughly modern and up-to-date, I was born and raised amidst nature in a village of 10 inhabitants. My mixed background has allowed me to develop a divergent vision, reflected in my creative and thoughtful approach to things. Additionally, my work ethic has been strongly influenced by my experience working with my parents in agriculture and service industry from a very young age. I follow a Straight Edge lifestyle (no alcohol, drugs, or smoking) and focus my free time on sport and creativity. People often say that these aspects of my personality are reflected in my work, both in design and music (where I as well have a career). Different and thoughtful concepts, sober and effective results.

I currently hold the position of Creative and Design Director at Newnorm, the ethical and sustainable hardware tech startup that I co-founded. Additionally, I work as a freelancer and have experience in various fields such as consumer electronics, sports equipment, medical equipment, textile, and graphic design, thanks to my previous jobs in Barcelona, China, and the UK.