You can blame it on his rural background and environment, being straight edge or simply having a special sensitivity for the beauty, the dark and the different, but what cannot be denied is that this Spanish young man has a very personal and disruptive techno approach. It is no coincidence that things like Richie Hawtin premiering his Spotify ID playlist with one of his tracks, or Truncate selecting his remix of 'Missing' from more than 800 participants happen.

‘Sober Techno’ is how he has baptized the style that has been pursuing for so many years in the studio until considering it his own and unmistakable. A lifetime of infinite and diverse musical references, ranging from Mogwai's Post Rock, Deftones' Nu Metal or Chet Baker's Jazz to 90's Hip Hop or Drum & Bass and Jungle as electronic pillars, has been mixed with a thoughtful and natural personality, resulting in a sound that reflects his purest identity. The eclecticism on production means that no matter the speed, energy or the subgenre in which you want to label each cut, Daniel will have left his mark with powerful percussions, melancholic melodies, serenity in the reverberations and, above all, risk in creativity.

And it is precisely this last trait, which he also channels in his role as creative director and designer in his own startup, is what has caught the attention labels such as ARTS, Truncate, Diffuse Reality or Alan Fitzpatrick’s We Are The Brave. His releases have been played at festivals such as Awakenings or worldwide radio shows such as the Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1, and have been supported by a huge list of techno legends.  

Clubs such as Florida 135, Fabrik, Insert, City Hall or Razzmatazz and festivals such as SouthWest, where he is the resident DJ, have already witnessed his overwhelming sets based on an elegant, relentless and emotional style that is always based on the moment, space and ‘mood' of where it is taking place.