‘Through the 3D printing of a thin sheet of Ninjaflex®, an elastic and printable polymer, a new technology for the body of shoes is created. By creating a mesh and parameterizing the size of the holes in each part of the piece and the thickness of the material, we are able to control the adjust, closing or compression to the body thanks to the variable flexibility and traction of the surface. This allows us to offer a high grade of customization to the consumer, as he can create his own shoe adapted to his necessities. For example, not only he will be able to adapt his exact size and style, but there is a template mesh for each sport that responds to the physical requirements in each case. It is also designed to be acquired as a subscription-system payment, because not only the user can create an order everything from home, but he will be able to return the shoes at the end of their life, and be substituted by an upgraded pair because of the recyclability of the polymer.’