‘Craft beers are on rise because they bring a big differential value based on the nuances that their variety of components give, but big companies aren’t able to offer this massively. This is why we wanted to take a current industrial beer barrel and be able to customize its aroma, flavor and foam. Furthermore we knew exactly where to do it. After an intense market study we’ve realized that we have a big opportunity on events like daytime popular festivals and fairs, that also match perfectly with our target and represent a field very little worked by the sector in relation to its volume of consumption. Aroma is a board where different elements are placed. First of all we’ve got the switcher that customizes the foam by selecting the carbon dioxide or nitrogen injection mode. There was offered a wide range of shots with flavored hop inside (chocolate, fruit…). The waiter will pick the shot of the customer’s choice from the dispenser, place it on the grill and pull the grip. The nozzle will close and the beer will pass through the shot, sucking the hop’s essence to paint a normal beer with flavors and aromas, raising it as the very protagonist of the event.’