* #66 Top Techno Tracks

‘The ‘Dumio EP’ continues bringing my personal style by exploring it across different scenarios:’

‘ANSBACH is the typical track in search of that overwhelming empty drop, but in this case through building the momentum on my particular sober/atmospheric fashion, something I instinctively developed by listening to a lot of post-rock.’

‘I fell in love with techno around 2013 and if ya’ll remember the bangers of that time, you’ll understand that DUMIO is my personal tribute to that era through a more contemporary, hard-groovy and organic approach.’

‘I went a bit crazy on NEVERS. Dark and sad pads? Yes. A silly and happier groove and hook? Also yes. A little bit of writing on the development of the song doesn’t hurt anybody, not everything can be tool tracks.’

‘Dark, dirty and explicit stuff to wrap up the EP with WORMS, and example also of how much I love organic sprinkling on my productions. Can anybody guess the samples for this one?’

[Taken from Daniel’s socials]