* #2 Worldwide Top Techno Releases
** #51, #61, #85, #92 Top Techno Tracks

‘ARTSX series opened wide a door into the discovery of new talents in the Techno Scene. Some of the well respected artists such as DVS1, Marcel Dettmann, Ben Klock, James Ruskin, Kriz and many more are supporting the records giving the chance to many brilliants talents to shine in their sets Worldwide, we are extremely respectful for that.’

‘Daniel Rifaterra presents himself on the X series with a complete representation of his vision of techno. Clinical, Essential, and yet Emotional an deep all in the same picture. Another discovery of the OS project by Emmanuel, We decided to release 6 tracks, in order to give you an in-depth feeling of his music.’

[Taken from Arts’ socials]

‘The ‘Eva’ EP is a 6-track release that showcases my different scopes as a producer and that I consider my best yet.’

‘TOUL represents a moment in my career in which I felt I needed to increase my efforts on raw tool tracks for my own library. I think this hook-cut is the perfect spearhead for the release.’

‘One of my favorite techniques on the studio is sampling, and BARULA honors a TV show that inspired me a lot at that time, probably the best ever to exist: The Wire.’

‘EBNER or ‘what comes out when I want to be experimental, dark and aesthetic while playing with the sample of a meme’.’

‘Building tension on a delicate fast-paced groove and breaking it with ‘Amens’ is the perfect example on why the surprise factor is one of my fetish and the reason of EVA being one of the favs of the EP.’

‘GELOSIO is easily my personal #1. I don’t know if ‘Sad Hardgroove’ existed as a genre but it does now in any case, you know I love experimenting with different styles and moods.’

‘It’s not something usual in thechno, but I put all my efforts on the writing and script for STENSEN. There’s a very deep personal meaning behind this track, interpretation is open.’

[Taken from Daniel’s socials]