‘Subsumed under his sound, with the yoke of his Sober Techno, and with the sky tinged with black and yellow in the midst of invisible sandstorms, which only let us feel their strength. Fierceness is mediated by a sophisticated sound design and clean structures, with well-coupled sonic layers, that stand out in unstoppable strength and force. There is no doubt that Daniel Rifaterra has done it again, this time on the Spanish platform.’

[From Club Furies Premiere, read here]

‘I don’t know if this can be considered an album or not, but I don’t care. ‘Wearin' yesterday's misfortunes like a smile’ is my largest work to date, with no more no less than 10 tracks now available on Diffuse Reality’

‘It would be stupid to say that there’s a lot of personal material there because all my productions are extremely personal. I think I can be proud of having forged my own sound through which I can express myself wether it is successful or not. But yeah, there are some tracks there that don’t care that much about the dancefloor but are a big part of my ‘Sober Techno’ imagery as well which is usually what you can expect from an album.’

‘Different BPMs, moods, sounds and, overall, Daniels, because moments in time of my recent years can be found poured into each track. As I always say, you’ll know me better as a person by listening to my music rather than talking to me.’

[Taken from Daniel’s socials]