‘For the last centuries we’ve experienced some drastic sea level rises on countries and cities. The Earth in the way people used to understand it many centuries ago… It’s gone. The Earth’s citizens were forced to leave everything they had and migrate in order to survive. Back in the egyptian ages, the ancient religion believed that the humanity’s history moved forward following the cycles of different Zodiac symbols. According to them, it takes about 25.800 years to complete all the 12 cycles, having a length of 2.150 years each one. Each cycle was understood as an era ruled under the influence of the constellation that was over the sun rising position. According to their beliefs, we are now living on the Aquarius era. Egyptians argued that on last mentioned era the level of the sea would start to grow and a big part of the world would remain flooded. This recent discoveries had led to the birth of a new creed that has not only unified all religions but merged them with science, by setting its basis on ancient egyptian religion and astrology. Its reason to be is survival. For the development of our neoreligion in an utopic future, our work guidelines are based on the teachings and legacy of both our creed referents: the Ancient Egypt and astrology.’ 

‘The aim of this project is to recreate the future of religions, now turned into neoreligions where all the faith is focused on knowledge. The unification of not only different theologies but also science and observation into one creed should be the path for a new society where atheists and believers sail on the same direction: human salvation.’