When Daniel was told he was performing the 2022 SouthWest Festival’s closing mainstage set, he thought about doing something special for the occasion. Being the event between Almería and Granada, he decided to do a remix of one of his favorite Spanish artists and icon of the area. Dellafuente had just released his album ‘Milagro’ and his beautiful second track ‘Sanuk Sabai Saduak’ was screaming for him to put his hands on it. People who were at thatt closing were taken by surprise and you can tell from their faces they enjoyed it a lot.

After that he had it hidden for a few months, but it was burning on its hard drive. On October 2022 the track finally saw thje light and was uploaded to Soundcloud, YouTube and even TikTok, where it went viral with more than 150K plays in two weeks. You can download it on the left icon or listen to it below.