Daniel Rifaterra grew up in Huesca, Aragon a very small town of just 126 inhabitants. With not much going on he locked himself away in his studio to create electronic music, developing his own sound and style. At only 24 years old his debut release on Sintetics provides us with 4 cuts that clearly show his original sound and style. “Tancor” is the opening track on the EP which has a nice deep elegant sound to it. “Lodi” shows us Daniel’s more personal style with its epic synths.“Elon” is a very solid track, with pitch-bend alterations combined with interesting sequences. The bonus track, as usual on a sintetics release, is the freakiest composition of the release. “Phan” is a crazy minimal affair that would be ideal for the start of a set. Its is a pleasure to add Daniel Rifaterra to the Sintetics family with his “Tancor” release. [Taken from Sintetics’ press release]